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About Us

Ultimate Pilot Logbook, LLC was formed after hearing the complaints from so many pilots, flight instructors, flight schools and Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs) about the traditional pilot logbooks that are offered from other companies. 

Some of the complaints include:

  • There are no separate Solo and PIC columns.

  • Entry columns are too small to fill out.

  • Does not separate day and night landings.

  • The remarks section is way too small.

  • Does not have all the entries to fill out the IACRA 8710-1 Pilot Application Form.

  • The flight simulator time is intermingled with airplane time and pilots keep on logging it wrong.

  • Does not have enough student pilot and other pertinent endorsements.

  • The endorsements section does not meet the requirements or wording of FAA AC 61-65H Advisory Circular.

  • There is no or not enough space for ground instruction.

  • The layout of the logbook is confusing and does not work.

  • The logbooks do not contain the required ground training that is required for checkrides. 

With much careful thought and planning we are introducing our first ever version of the Ultimate Pilot Logbook to try and resolve many of the issues and complaints from pilots about the traditional logbooks that are offered on the market today.

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